Don’t take our word for it.

Kate is really special. I have always so admired her spirit and brain, her adventurousness and lack of outward fear; in short, her bio.

Prof. James R. Lackner, Ph.D Massachusetts Institute Technology, Brandeis University, Riklis Professor of Physiology

‘Courage’ is a good word to describe Kate’s career: she is willing to tackle projects and to put herself in situations others might find particularly stressful. She is willing to open her relationships to the kind of close scrutiny that few have the courage to do… Kate questions, discusses, and makes an effort to understand different perspectives; in other words, her presence challenges all of us, and these challenges make it better for everyone. She is not afraid to speak her mind, yet, clearly, she is respectful of others’ opinion. As she told me, ‘With the powers of active listening and the ability to give law counsel, there is potential for creating tangible differences in someone’s life.’ Lastly, and certainly most importantly, Kate is a good person. She clearly considers others’ well being as personally important and is willing to work hard for others as well as for herself.

Prof. Lawrence Rosenfeld UNC-Chapel Hill, Co-Chair of the Social-Behavioral Institutional Review Board

[Kate’s] work over the last four years is nothing short of phenomenal. …Her success is not due to any luck.

Rosa Durando, Conservation Chairperson, Audubon Society of the Everglades

[Kate] was diligent and conscientious during her time with us… establishing herself as a well-respected member of the legal profession. Ms. Kelso was a truly engaging young professional.

Brad A. Sprayberry, Esq., Director, Attorney Recruiting & Professional Development, Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart

Kate has a very large creative talent with everything she touches. Her ability to see “outside the box” gives her an immense perspective and sensitivity. Her humanity is present at all times.

Sylvia Dante, Art Designer, Creative Arts Program

It was a great honor and professional satisfaction to the War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office to host Kate and we believe that her visit marked the beginning of future cooperation… which will encourage resourceful and creative exchange of professional views and experience.

Vladimir Vukčević, War Crimes Prosecutor, Republic of Serbia

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